High School


The High School at AIS comprises Grades 9 to 12. At this stage, students are ready to become the leaders and the innovators of the future.

They are also starting to think about their future after high school, and to make some choices about where their interests, talents, and energies lie. AIS has a robust program of elective subjects which begins in grade 10.

Students continue with the core subjects, and have choices for elective subjects including Economics, Business, Accounting, Social Studies, ICT, specialized Science streams, Music, and Art.

At this stage, students also consider whether they want to pursue AP (Advanced Placement) courses in the Sciences, Mathematics, or Arts. Students and families work closely with academic and college counselors to make informed decisions about their futures. 

As is the case in all sections of the school, elements of UAE heritage, history, and Islamic culture are incorporated during teaching and learning activities across all disciplines. 


In order to be granted an American High School Diploma, the student must complete all credits as per the graduation requirement.  

The school offers career and guidance counseling to enable students to understand the graduation requirements and make the right choices regarding their course selections including electives and their respective credit requirements. 

In keeping with the graduation requirements, the school offers courses within these domains:  




World Language 

Social Studies  

Physical Education 

Visual/ Performing Arts 

Choice of electives based on school offerings that include Advanced Placement (AP) courses. 

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