School Activities

AIS Club Activities

High School 

October, November, and December Events 

Name of Event:  

Hosted by: 

International Teaches Day 

Student Council, Art Club, and UNESCO 

World Mental Health 

Student Council-Art Club- Human Rights Club 

Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day 

UNESCO Club - Biology Club,  

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 

Student Council- Biology Club- UNESCO- Journalism 

UAE Flag Day 

Emirati Club- Students Council 

Investiture Ceremony 

UNESCO- Students Council-Career Com- Senior Com. 

World Diabetes Awareness Month 

UNESCO- Student Council- Biology Club- Sports Club- Journalism Club 

Study Abroad Virtual Fair 

Career Committee 

UAE National Day 

Emirati Club 

University Fair 

6th & 7th December 

(0ver 40 Universities) 

Career Committee 


February, March, and April Events 


Name of the Event 

Hosted by 

World Cancer Day  

Biology Club- UNESCO- Student Council- Human Rights Club- Art Club 

Black History Month -


Students Council, Mad Science, and Physics Club 

Valentine’s Day Exchange -

Student Council Club, Journalism Club, 

Social Justice Day -


RIT Application  

Career Committee 

International Mother's Day -

 UNESCO- Student Council 

Plant a flower Day 

UNESCO- Student Council-Biology Club 

Study in Turkey 

Career Committee 

Study in USA 

Career Committee 


The List of Clubs in High school is as follows: 

  • Students Council  

  • UNESCO  

  • Health club  

  • Techno Innovation Club  

  • Art Club 

  • Journalism club 

  • Career Committee  

  • Social and Moral Club 

  • English club 

  • French Club 

  • Arabic Club 

  • Choir Club 

  • Science Club  

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